Mission Software Solutions

Since our inception, a core focus of NDP has been net-centricity, or the improvement of data sharing and interoperability between disparate systems and networks.     We leverage open source technologies and expertise to build systems that securely disseminate actionable products & message data to operational users on any device, while reducing the barriers and cost for adoption and integration of data into new applications.

NDP created the Network-Independent Open Messaging Service (NOMS) to help address data distribution challenges to reaching edge users. The core components of NOMS are based on open standards with broad industry (including commercial) support and interoperability. These standards ensure that our customers can address both short and long-term challenges without vendor lock-in. The technologies and open standards employed by NOMS enable central and remote management of the data distribution layer, including security, authentication, authorization, and data routing. The protocols support Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), network failover, store-and-forward, data caching/queuing, data filtering, uni/bi-directional data flow, and bandwidth conservation. The message format supports message set evolution with forward and backward compatible support, allowing responsive integration of new data, sensors, and missions.

Our team has supported similar data sharing programs in the Intelligence Community. We provide expertise in multiple design areas to include: systems engineering and architecture review; hardware (processing and virtualization) design and integration; communications design; software and system integration review and cross-domain solution integration. NDP supported the transition of a data sharing platform from private infrastructure to a public, C2S cloud implementation, with a particular focus on microservices architecture.