Remote-Sensing Domain Knowledge

Over many years, NDP has developed a deep background in remote sensing technologies and sensors, particularly with Overhead Persistent InfraRed (OPIR) systems. Our subject matter experts have collaborated on remote sensing projects in the DoD, the Intelligence Community, civil agencies, and academia.

Our team of scientists and engineering has extensive experience integrating remote sensing applications with government-owned processing frameworks. We combine our background in system integration with our expertise in remote sensing phenomenology to rapidly integrate applications in both R&D and operational

We are active participants in several community forums to develop standards and practices for remote sensing enterprises. We have worked with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency to refine their emerging Joint OPIR Data Model (JODM). NDP-developed applications create and process JODM-based message formats and provide valuable real-world feedback for the continuous improvement of the model. We have also developed and integrated applications using various standard formats, include Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards (e.g. KML, WMS, WFS), and other XML and JSON standards.

NDP strives to be a thought leader in the geospatial community, giving presentations to several community forums to include OPIR Week, the Aerospace Corporation’s Ground System Architecture Working Group, and the OPIR R&D Forum.