White Papers

We also invest our own R&D resources in the following: Real-Time Pub/Sub Systems, Open Source Intelligence, Automation Tools and Disruption-tolerant networking. We are always looking for partners  to collaborate in the advancement of applied technologies.

NDP-TN-100-PubSubSec – Data Confidentiality and Integrity for Real-Time Pub/Sub Systems

NDP-TN-101-ConfigTool – Common Configurations to Multiple Network Devices (C2MND)

NDP-TN-102-DTN4Cyber – Increased Network Tolerance to Cyber Attacks through DTN

NDP-TN-103-WebASR – Voice-Interactive Web Applications

NDP-TN-104-OPIR_Ground – OPIR Ground Architecture

NDP-TN-106-CSO_for_OPIR – Closely Spaced OBject (CSO) Resolution in OPIR Scenes

NDP-TN-107-IPv6 DNS – IPv6 DNS

NDP-TN-108-Secure Linux Provisioning Server – Secure Linux Provisioning Server

NDP-TN-109-Secure Windows Provisioning Server – Secure Windows Provisioning Server

NDP-TN-110-Secure Web Administration – Secure Web Administration

NDP-TN-112-Comprehensive_Data_Dissemination – Comprehensive Data Dissemination

NDP-NOMS_Data_Sheet – Network-Independent Open Source Messaging Service Data Sheet 2015

NDP-Dimmer Data – Dimmer Data Sheet 2015